January 17, 2015

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Chocolate Shoe Birthday Cake

Every year I make my children’s birthday cakes. I am great working with chocolate but not so great at making cakes. But, nevertheless, I always try to make a different birthday cake each year. This year for my daughters 18th Birthday I made a Chocolate shoe cake.

I baked a simple chocolate cake the night before. For this cake I used two different size cake tins. Next day I sandwiched them together with chocolate butter cream icing and covered it with a dark chocolate ganache topping.


Chocolate Shoe Cake















 Once dried, I wrapped a simple red ribbon around the cake. Now I make these chocolate shoes myself. I have a wide range of chocolate shoes which are available to purchase through my website.

Yes! The shoe is 100% Edible, made from fine Barry Callebaut chocolate.

I used the Dino, Red Louboutin shoe for this cake. I put a bit of tempered chocolate on the sole of the shoe before carefully placing the shoe on top of the cake. This was to ensure the shoe doesn’t move whilst moving the cake.

Now it’s not a birthday cake without candles. I placed the candles on the bottom base of the cake. I didn’t want the candles to close to the chocolate shoe.



















The chocolate shoe topper was the icing on the cake! It looked great! Tasted good too! Best thing it was made with love by mum!



You too can make a chocolate shoe cake.  Shoe can be purchased from my online shop



 Chocolate shoe cake